OTS Anonymous User Survey

Help improve OTS with your feedback !!
  1. How did you discover OTS ?   (What led you here?)
         Already knew about it. Used it before.
         Search                  Friend               Discussion Forum
         Youtube                 Facebook        News Article
         Advertisement      Other:

  2. How many years have you used OTS ?
         0,           3,
         1,           4,
         2,           5 or more.

  3. Your preferred method of usage ?
         Use the GUI only, or mostly.
         Edit files directly, and run from command-line.
         A bit of both.
         Don't know.

  4. Which tax forms do you use OTS for ?
         Federal (1040) only.
         Federal and State.
         State only.
         Other, Don't know, or NA.

  5. Coverage:   OTS covers ...
         Most of the forms or worksheets I need.
         Some of the forms or worksheets I need.
         Few of the forms or worksheets I need.
         - Other Forms needed:

  6. What kind of computer(s) do you use OTS on ?   (Check all that apply.)
         Linux,   (Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Debian, Centos, etc.)
         Microsoft Windows
         Apple Mac OSx,
         Other -
         Don't know, or NA.

  7. Have you had problems with the programs ?
         Sometimes, but I could deal with it or fix it.
         Sometimes, and I was not able to fix it.
         Always, or major problems.

  8. Ease or difficulty in using OTS ?
         Easy to install & use,
         Average, or mixed,
         Difficult to install and/or use,
         Don't know, or NA.

  9. Documentation:   Web-documentation & Readme.txt files
         Not enough.
         Too much to read. We'd rather watch YouTube-like tutorials.
         Don't know.

  10. What other documentation would you like to see ?   (Check all that apply.)
         How to use it. More details.
         How to resolve errors.
         How to run from command-line.
         How to add new forms.
         Tax guidelines & help.
         Detailed design docs. How it's written.
         How to modify & re-compile it.
         Other ?   

  11. How do you like the PDF Auto-Fillout Feature ?
         Have not tried it.
         Worked great !
         So-so. Had to switch viewers, etc..
         Did not work properly for me.

  12. Movies / Youtube-Videos:   (Check all that apply.)
         I have viewed the OTS on-line video(s).
         If so, were they helpful ?
         Would you like more videos ?   Additional topics ?   Advanced help ?

  13. What additional Videos would you like to see ?   (Check all that apply.)
         More details about how to use it.
         How to resolve errors.
         How to run from command-line.
         How to add new forms.
         Detailed design overview. How it's written.
         Tax filing discussions + advice.
         Other ?   

  14. Would you be interested in a secure Web-based version of OTS for iPhone/Android phones, iPad/Tablets, & Chromebooks ?
         Don't know, or NA.

  15. E-Filing ?
         Yes. Crucial. I would really like an E-Filing option.
         Maybe. E-Filing option would be nice. But not essential.
         No. E-Filing is unnecessary or unsafe. DO NOT waste effort on this.

  16. Your overall satisfaction with OTS ?    (0=Bad, 5=OK, 10=Excellent)

  17. Comments or suggestions for improvement ?