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February 18, 2017       (Please press your browser's Re-Load button to see lastest version.)
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OpenTaxSolver is available as source-code for compilation on all platforms. Instructions (0_README.txt) and examples are included in all versions.

Versions updated for the most recent 2016 Tax-Year:
  Each package contains US 1040 Fed taxes, Scheds A, B, C, D, and forms 6251 & 8949, updated for 2016 tax-year. Also includes updated State-Tax versions for CA, NY, MA, VA, OH, NC, NJ, and PA. Each package includes pre-compiled executables for the given platform, as well as source-code and build-scripts in case re-compiling is ever needed.

  • For Linux - (Select for 32-bit or 64-bit OS.)
        OpenTaxSolver2016_14.02_linux32.tgz   (3.5-MB)
        OpenTaxSolver2016_14.02_linux64.tgz   (3.5-MB)
    - Feb 18, 2017 - To start in graphical mode, double-click on, or invoke:   ./Run_taxsolve_GUI
    Unpacking - Package is a gzip'd tar-file. To unpack,
          tar xfz OpenTaxSolver2016_14.02_linux32.tgz
    Will unpack into a directory of similar name.

  • For MS-Windows -   (8.7-MB)
    - Feb 18, 2017 - Same as above, but zip format for easier unpacking on MS-Windows. Contains compiled binary executables for MS-Windows PCs. Source-code is also included. Double-click Run_taxsolve_GUI to start in graphical mode. (This just invokes msbin\ots_gui2.exe.)

  • For Apple Mac-OSx -
        OpenTaxSolver2016_14.02_MacOSx.tgz   (8.0-MB)
    - Feb 18, 2017 - Same as above, but contains executables for Apple Mac-OSX.
    Start in graphical mode by clicking   Run_taxsolve_GUI
    (The first time, you may need to hold down your control-key while clicking on Run_taxsolve_GUI. Then click Open in the menu and then in the small window.)

After downloading and unpacking, see the 0_Readme.txt file in top directory for instructions about running or re-building.

For increased security, you can authenticate the contents of your downloaded package by checking the sha1sum. You can see the correct sha1sum value for each package by mousing over it above.

Revision History:

  • v14.02 (2/18/2017) - Added PDF-AutoFillOut option for NY + NJ State forms.
      - PDF output now forces the "write 0 if zero" lines in CA form.
      - Clarified comment-lines in US-1040 about gains basis reported/not-reported checkboxes.
      - Tax calculations remained stable and were not changed.
  • v14.01 (2/2/2017) - Added filter in PDF-AutoFillOut for bad characters.
      - Right-justify numbers in PDF-AutoFillOut forms.
      - Fix to US-1040 SocSec worksheet.
  • v14.00 (1/27/2017) - Initial release for 2016 tax-year.

-- We are interested in learning how OTS is working for you. After using OTS this year, please remember to take a few minutes to answer our freshly updated Anonymous OTS User Survey. Your feedback will help improve future versions of OTS. --

Prior Year's Versions:

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