How the Core Text-based Program Works:

An alternative to using the GUI, is to enter your input numbers directly in a commented text file, and then process your text file with the TaxSolve program. Blank starting text-templates exist for each tax program under the examples_and_templates directories. (The GUI uses the same templates, and processes the text-file in the same way, when you press the Compute Taxes button.) When you process the text file with OTS, it produces output to the screen, and a   _out.txt   file, showing what you should enter on each line.


	cd examples_and_templates/US_Fed
	gedit fed1040_2012.txt
	  {Enter your numbers, income, interest, etc..}

	../../bin/taxsolve_usa_fed1040_2012  fed1040_2012.txt
	  {Runs tax program. View output lines, or print output file fed1040_2012_out.txt.}
	  {Then copy numbers onto your tax forms, and mail them.}
	../../bin/taxsolve_usa_fed1040_2012  my_03_fed_tax.txt 
	more my_03_fed_tax_out.txt
	   {View the results.}
	lpr my_03_fed_tax_out.txt
	   {Print the results.}

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