Input Format:

The format of the input file is line oriented. The lines correspond to the lines of your tax-form. For each line requiring input from you, state the line number (L#), and then enter the amount, or list the amounts which enter into that line, followed by a semi-colon. Comments can be placed anywhere by enclosing them in squiggly brackets ({}), usually at the end of each line to note what the entry is. A template file is included in each package for convenience. You should just insert your numbers where needed.


	Title:  US Fed 1040 2012 Return for Molly Weber
	L7:     28,789.34 ;	{ Income }
	L13:	    		{ Interest }  
		    45.90	{  US Bank }
		    83.11	{  Credit Union }
The first line, or Title line, of your input file is simply passed straight out to the output file without parsing. It serves as a way to identify the form, whom it is for, and the date or year. After the first line, the format is free-form. You can enter things anywhere, in any column, or any line you wish. The format shown above is recommended for clarity.

All entries for a given line number before a semicolon are added together. This is helpful when multiple items add into a single line. You can show each item separately with its own comment. OTS will add them together for you.

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