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April 12, 2018       (Press your browser's Re-Load button to be sure you are seeing the latest version.)
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OTS Versions updated for the 2017 Tax-Year:
  Each package contains US 1040 Fed taxes, Scheds A, B, C, D, and forms 6251 & 8949, updated for 2017 tax-year. Also includes updated State-Tax versions for CA, OH, NC, NJ, VA, PA, NY and MA. Each package includes pre-compiled executables for the given platform, as well as source-code and build-scripts in case re-compiling is ever needed.

For Linux - April 12, 2018     (Select for 32-bit or 64-bit OS.)
    OpenTaxSolver2017_15.07_linux32.tgz   (5.4-MB)
    OpenTaxSolver2017_15.07_linux64.tgz   (5.4-MB)
Package is a gzip'd tar-file. To unpack,
      tar xfz OpenTaxSolver2017_15.07_linuxXX.tgz
Unpacks into a directory of similar name.
- Start by double-clicking or running:   ./Run_taxsolve_GUI

For MS-Windows - April 12, 2018   (10.6-MB)
- Same as above, but zip format for easier unpacking on MS-Windows. Contains compiled binary executables for MS-Windows PCs, with source-code.
- Start by double-clicking:   Run_taxsolve_GUI       (This just invokes bin\ots_gui2.)

For Apple Mac-OSx - April 12, 2018
    OpenTaxSolver2017_15.07_MacOSx.tgz   (9.9-MB)
- Same as above, but contains executables for Apple Mac-OSX.
- Double-click on package to unpack. Navigate to top directory inside.
- Start by clicking:   Run_taxsolve_GUI
(The first time, you may need to hold down your control-key while clicking on Run_taxsolve_GUI. Then click Open in the menu and then in the small window. Or run from terminal window.)

For increased security, you can authenticate the contents of your downloaded package by checking the sha1sum. See the correct sha1sum for each package by mousing over it above.

Revision History:

  • v15.07 (4/12/2018) - Code clean-ups in GUI. Re-activated Fed-1040 Line-34, Tuition and Fees Deduction, which was originally removed from 2017 tax forms, and then reinstated by Congress in the middle of this filing season.
  • v15.06 (4/3/2018) - Adjusted Virginia program line-12 to force itemized deductions if itemized on Federal, even if VA. Std. Deduction would have been greater.
  • v15.05 (3/23/2018) - Minor improvements to PDF printouts for US-1040 + NJ State forms.
  • v15.04 (3/19/2018) - Further automated California CA540 Adjustments form. Provides more complete form fill-out. In US-1040, now blanks unneeded zero entries, and properly resets "various" date in Cap-Gains form. Added optional ability to accept AMT Form 6251 entries for lines 8-27. (Just add entries like, "AMTws27 xx", before the "L49" line, where xx would be value for the AMT worksheet line 27.)
  • v15.03 (2/14/2018) - Fixed fed1040 collectible gains used before input. Note that this caused a line change between lines 12 and 39a. If you already started a Form from the prior release, you need to adjust the position of the Collectibles line, or better to just copy your entries to the new form. Fixed missing fill-in of 1st SchedB Int+Divs, and comma issue in Sched-B PDF, as well as proper medical percentage in Sched-A line 3. Began addressing OH form size issues. More line-label improvements. Apt + Middle initials in PDF forms.
  • v15.02 (2/7/2018) - Added State forms for NY and MA. Fixes & improvements to several of the forms and programs based on user-feedback. Added middle initials to form-fillout for certain states. Added unlimited page-overflow capability for Fed-1040 Schedules B+D.
  • v15.01 (2/2/2018) - Added State forms for PA and VA. Fixes to several others.
  • v15.00 (1/31/2018) - Initial release for 2017 tax-year. The State forms for PA, VA, MY, and MA are grayed-out in this version, since their updates were not ready. Will be activated in subsequent releases.

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Prior Year's Versions:

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